Can complex ptsd be healed?

Our son is an example that the answer is yes,  it can be healed.

Jeanette has been in charge of our sons healing,  and there is no doubt this has saved his life,  since he was highly affected by complex ptsd,  when he started to see Jeanette, being on sick leave from high school. Soon after his treatment was initiated by Jeanette,  he could go back to school on a part time basis, finalizing his secondary education while receiving Jeanettes treatment.
He just finished his first year as a university student,  studying his dream study and with great succes.
Our son is healed and he can go on with his life.
We will forever be indescripably grateful for what Jeanette has done,  and how it was done, with the utmost professonalism. Her parental guidance is unsurpassed.


Tina B.