Hey 😊 JEANETTE❤️  today we say goodbye!

I’m so grateful to meet someone like you❤️ you have given me that the world can’t given me! To say l appreciate you is not in enough if I have other words for it l with be gold to use it!  You are the best! You have saved us me and my little child! You save our life together! What you did for us words can’t explain it! The world need people like you ❤️ today and in the future to come! You are a wonderful person with a beautiful heart ❤️ and you are also a strong woman! I get my strength from you!  You are doing a great job saved people life!  The good God will bless you!❤️. I’m so proud of you and knowing you is the best thing that ever happened to me! God will bless you and your family! as l look forward for a new life together with my children l with always keep you in my heart ❤️ because with out you this will not be possible! and I can’t wait to tell my little child about you! The strong woman that make it possible for her to have a mother! I’m sure she will lovely 🌹❤️ to meet you one day!  God natt 💕 God bless you once again 😘 and hugs ❤️❤️❤️🙏🌎 the world need you Jeanette!